Client : A-LAB / OSU AS (Oslo S Utvikling AS)
Location : Oslo, Bjørvika.
Year : 2015.

Type : Project Management, Contract Preparation, Multi Purpose, Commercial Property.
Size : xx sqm. / xx sqf.
Status : Direct Comission.

Special Thanks : Kathrine Nyhus, Roar Frisvold, Birger Kronborg.
Team : Andreas Tingulstad.

Through A-LAB Architects, Andreas Tingulstad was involved as a project coordinator in the Barcode project in Bjørvika, Oslo. Barcode is a mixed-use urban development with a total size of 3 million square feet.  The initial Barcode idea was conceived in a collaboration between MVRDV / A-LAB and DARK Architects.  The client is OSU AS (Oslo Central Development LLP).

Andreas / OAT interacted as a mediator in-between the developer, contractor, technical consultants, lawyers (construction and development law), architect and potential buyer. 

At the core of any real estate transaction there is a question of ownership.  We help our clients clarify this matter by collaborating with the different entities of the transaction.  On their own, each partner has crucial knowledge, but only when this information is arranged and presented collectively, can the clients gain and present a better understanding of what a project is all about.   This is where we execute our services.

Amongst our tasks is to help prepare contracts.  To make sure that a contract is watertight is what we are learning from extensive and close collaboration with the lawyers at SCHJØDT LLP.  In many ways the lawyer and the architect think alike.  We are equally focused into eliminating logical flaws in a project; the lawyer focuses on the contractual matters – the architect on the conceptual.

The networks we form and the relationships we value are all based on a no-nonsense-approach. The in-depth, efficient and straightforward approach of the lawyer inspires us – and we are happy to be sharpened in every encounter.  

We do this because we are dedicated to get to the very foundation of the industry; what lies behind each building process?  To play this key role and to have the privilege of ensuring that these transactions go smoothly gives us belief in the architect taking more of a responsible role in the building process.

The value we feel that we bring to these processes is crucial, and can only be fulfilled by our raison d'être; the question is the answer (SFOSL tour de force).


A-LAB: Geir Haaversen, Jan Petter Seim.
Schjødt Advokatkontor: Camilla K Lunne, Thomas R. Håkonsen.
Vedal Prosjekt: Bernt Aasenhuus.
Bygganalyse AS: Arne Graarud.

OSU AS (Oslo S Utvikling AS): Kathrine Nyhus, Roar Frisvold, Birger Kronborg.